Heat Certainly Rises

Call the paramedics! I practically fainted in my own apartment. It is that hot. Certain times of the year the temperature is shocking. It soars to one hundred degrees. Since heat rises, I bet if I had a thermometer on the ceiling, it would read ten degrees more. After all, if the saying is true, it makes a difference that I live on the third floor. I am not about to move just to keep cool. I like my view and am used to climbing the stairs. It is great daily exercise!

How do you cope when it is super-hot like this? Put a cold wash cloth on your face? Chew ice chips? Close the windows and pray for relief? How about installing a nice ceiling fan? The latter is a great idea given to me by friends, but I first had to check to see if I would be allowed to put one in. It is likely to be permanent and will replace the light fixture already in the ceiling in the bedroom. I started researching online to know my rights and I found this: https://www.ceilingfanchoice.com/can-ceiling-fans-installed-apartments/. Knowing what I would likely be able or not able to do, I then contacted my landlord to see if he would give me permission. I can’t imagine why they would not let me install it. The fan will include, as most do, a central light. You can kill two birds with one stone.

I heard back right away from the sympathetic manager. He understood the problem and said a resounding yes to all my questions. In fact, if I purchased the unit of my choice on my own, he would send someone right over to install it and show me how to use it with a remote control. It would take care of the heat issue inside the apartment and also provide some nice interior décor. How exciting! I can choose a wood stain color and fixture style.  I could take it with me when I left or leave it in place. He would be happy either way. I supposed he hoped I would be staying awhile and forget about moving it to a new location. He is probably right. I just want some relief right now.

With the new fan creating cool air circulation, I can work, relax and sleep without a problem. Amazing how productive I am now that the challenge of excessive heat has been met. Whew! I almost had heat stroke right inside my own apartment. At least I am near a bed. By the way, I am seriously considering putting another fan in the living room. Do you think that is going too far? Is there any rule about how many a person should have in one abode? Otherwise, I need an expensive and unwieldy air conditioning system. You can buy a window unit and install it with ease. I prefer the simplicity of a ceiling fan. I can use the remote control to change the speed when lounging around. I would have to get out of bed to turn on a window unit. Is that such a big deal?