Big Test Coming Up

My poor car. It has been subjected to smokers. Their nasty habit has caused odors to adhere to all the interior surfaces, especially the fabric and the carpeting. It felt like an old car by now with a previously smoking owner.  She is begging me for a good wash. Doing the exterior is not the answer. You deal with the inside in a different manner. Why did I drive those classmates home? We were studying late, and it was starting to drizzle. We had a big test coming up and thought a group session would help us absorb the material more efficiently. It worked. We felt really prepared. Nonetheless, I faced the consequences of the smokers. I was no longer nervous about the test. Now I was pissed about my car. I had to get that gross smoke smell out of my car!

Because I don’t smoke myself I didn’t have a hanging deodorizer in the car. They do a pretty good job, but now it was too late, or was it. I bought some “odor defense” spray and used half the bottle. The car smelled good for a week and then a telltale odor came back. It was less intense but nonetheless annoying. I wanted the freshness to return as before.  I took it to the car wash and they sprayed it again. It just replaced one scent for another, albeit the lemon flavor wasn’t bad. I bought some just in case (although I was not planning on volunteering to drive anyone ever again).

I had to get a bit more resourceful and found nothing online other than the obvious. Spray, spray and more spray. Now it was starting to add up to a big expense. I should have asked my smoking friends to chip in. Ha! Seriously, I couldn’t stand it. Most non-smokers don’t tolerate the smell. One person in a car is bad enough; image four puffing away the entire time! I just kept on surfing the Web.

Eureka! I hit upon an idea all on my own. I guess thinking about ridding my car of smells made my brain cells churn. I ran to the kitchen pantry and grabbed a large candle I use in case of electricity blackouts during a storm or other emergency situation. I put it in the car and lit it up right then and there. The flame flickered in all its glory. I let it burn as I watched it quiver. I didn’t want to leave it alone. After an hour, I put it out and waited for the results. No more cigarette smoke odor.  Candles are great at deodorizing. They don’t have to be heavily scented. Is this like lighting a match in a bathroom after use. It seems like magic. No, it emits sulfur dioxide that just masks the smell. A candle would do far better.

Fun Night for a Great Cause

As a marine biology student, I am all ears when it comes to ocean conservation—or anything to do with the sea. I not only study the problem of extinct species and waste dumping and hope to find a solution, but I also volunteer for various organizations that share my concern. I seek out people of like mind, so we can work together to make some progress in this noteworthy field. It is all about promoting the cause in any way we can and raising money and community interest. One friend in this category had an outdoor viewing party to show a short film she made on marine life and preservation. I loved the idea and thought it would be a great fundraiser. When you combine an evening of fun and refreshments with a worthy cause, it is the recipe for success. Make sure the weather is fine and the setting is comfortable.

The event was perfect, held on a balmy summer night. The turnout was impressive, and we had tables of literature strategically placed on her patio. If you wandered in off the street by accident, you would definitely know what was up. If not, a volunteer would soon gain your attention. Another friend made a short speech to charge up the audience and get them ready for the film. My friend did a great job in a ten-minute short subject and the response was very positive. It was easy to show the film in her large yard with the help of a projector and some portable wireless outdoor speakers. You can buy them in many stores and online at cost-effective prices. She bought a set for future use as filmmaking is her passion, especially with ocean conservation as the focal point. You can approach the subject from many angles: from the beachcomber to the sea creature swimming off shore. She used a voice over to enliven the beautiful images. It was a fun night for a great cause.

My heart is definitely in her work and I hope to help fund some of her short films in the near future. She likes the idea of collaboration and an exchange of ideas. She could see us going in new directions that would highlight the wonders of the deep and at the same time promote conservation. One of the next films will be about over fishing certain species and the need for coastal regulation in some areas where extinction is imminent. This happens all over the world where laws are lax. While she doesn’t want to attack anyone’s livelihood, a discussion of the problem in these key areas is vital.

If you are interested in conservation of our sea creatures and maintaining the ecosystems around the world, join me again for a glimpse at someone’s life in the pursuit of improvement. If enough of you jump on the band wagon with me, we can make at least a small dent in an enormous problem.