Awesome Day at the Tide Pool!

I love going to the tide pool on a field trip with other students. It is a time to observe and take note of the mysteries of nature. But it is also an inspiration for me and a source of great joy, fueling my existing passion for my eventual careers. There are so many unique sea creatures in the water’s depths many of which come to the surface to greet our arrival. One of the pleasures of studying to be a marine biologist is getting out in the field. It just so happens that the “field” is a place along the shore.

When we go together, each one of us is assigned a specific piece of equipment such as a laptop, sample collection gear and an underwater camera. I like to take my business backpack along to carry as much as I am able. It is open and roomy in design and I love its general appearance. Even though it is called a business backpack, I have decorated it with images of fish and assorted sea life. The embroidery of a small seahorse is my pride and joy. I can always identify my bag from a great distance. I don’t mind getting sand in the crevasses as it is a record of where I have been.

It was an awesome day at the tide pool. I have been there before but it doesn’t mean that I have fully explored it. Each time I go I am surprised at something I find. It is an endless source of study. The other students all agree. We live in the same sphere of interest. We will all go out and make our mark in the field someday. Meanwhile, we are building memories as we advance our collective knowledge. We bring home samples for further scrutiny. We all end up in the lab with our specimens under the microscope.

I hope I never wear out this wonderful backpack decorated by me. It is a testimony to my love of the ocean environment. I want it as a souvenir of my youthful days when taking exams and memorizing species was the order of the day. If it is no longer suitable for my future jobs, I will stow it away in the closet, complete with telltale sand. There is nothing like your student days when a day at the tide pool is a routine event. I am fortunate to live near the beach. It is a place of fun and frolic and also of in-depth knowledge. The two go hand in hand. I can’t sit on the sand or surf the waves without taking time to contemplate this magnificent world. I expect to work on a boat or at an aquarium at the very least. There will be no question of a desk job for me. I chose this vast area of study for a good reason.