Beach Clean Up

Rosie here, the marine biology student. I love sea creatures all kinds. Anything that lives in the depths is my focus. They fascinate me and form the subject of my studies. Fish are my passion and I eventually hope to be an aquarist in a fabulous aquarium. More are springing up across the U.S. as interest is growing. Some are large and state of the art like Monterrey California. A new one was built recently in Scottsdale, Arizona—hardly an area related to the coast. It will make my job hunting much easier as I will have ample choices. Imagine the joy of taking care of all species and assorted marine life as a job. How did I get so lucky to select his amazing field! If any of you readers are fellow travelers, I want to know. I treasure the opportunity to share stories. I am bound and determined to save the ecosystem. Knowing how important fish are makes my career that much more rewarding. Protecting aquatic environments is mandatory.

Doing research is a way to improve matters worldwide. I hope more and more students undertake the same studies. We need all the help and expertise we can get. Sometimes, I just do small things in my area that show my concern like spending a day at the beach cleaning up. It is amazing what sunbathers and swimmers leave behind unintentionally or not. I use a metal detector from to uncover debris covered by the sand. It took me a while to get the hang of it. In fact, it took ages to find the right one. I read many reviews and was warned not to get something too basic as I would grow out of it. I knew I would be able eventually to handle more sophisticated technology. It is the difference between finding a crumpled tin can and a coin. The greater the sensitivity and frequency, the more likely you will locate items of all sizes and value. It is not about money, of course, but keeping a natural environment pristine. People do not respect nature’s playgrounds whether it be a park, forest, beach, or lake. You find trash everywhere. I wouldn’t be so irate if it were a matter of a quarter falling out of a pocket. It is aluminum soda cans, plastic water bottles, paper wrapping, and beach toys. It’s okay in my book to find keys, a money clip, a penknife, or a can opener. I can see someone forgetting this stuff.

I hope to inspire readers who live near the coast to volunteer for cleanup work. Let’s keep America beautiful. There is something magical about the coast and the creatures who are found in the environs. Don’t spoil the spell by leaving trash. Litter is the enemy of nature’s bounty. Keep it in the trash cans found on every beach. It is your responsibility as it is mine.